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Stationery Love

Pen & Paper satisfaction


Emotions come in waves Confident today Overwhelmed yesterday Anxious of tomorrow Grief perpetuates sorrow Depression sets in The days go on to no end Excitement when you open your eyes Regret when you close them Happiness You choose Surpress emotions You lose Full of gratitude A receiving attitude Lust at

A Hobby Blog 😒

TBH Ugh…so, I am going to be honest with myself and call it what it is. Despite the lack of feedback, I narrowed down the common denominator. Of what?, you may ask. Of my blog. It’s time I burst my reality bubble and call it what it is; a hobby

Blogger Outreach

Have a product??

Monday’s Deadline

Nothing to brag about…

My Process of Sorting

Tying up new year loose ends. Trash or Stash?

Too Much

Stuff and stuff n stuff…

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