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The Same Lesson. Over, and Over, and…

Yesterday was departure day and… The photography featured in this post is strictly prohibited from use. For our last night we pulled together as a team and gathered most everything, separated things into individual piles so things found there way home with the correct owner and just like that, it


A Warriors Battle Cry

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This Just Happened

Not sure how I missed this as the date today but today is two years for Revenge of Eve! Wow!!



I’m done with role play. Either accept me Or walk away. I will no longer coddle Or cater And say, I’m sorry, later. I am setting And Respecting this boundary And if you take this personal, That’s on you. I hate to sound Like a cold-hearted Bitch. No longer will

Revenge of Eve

Sad but True: R.O.E. News

Is R.O.E. worth saving?

I Wonder…

language warning



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