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Some 2022 Artwork

2022 Artwork

Whoomp Whoop

Let’s try this again!!


About Me: the Weird Stuff (this will be fun)

I was recently given kudos for the contents of this post by a new follower, shout-out Rochdalestu, so I figured while I am updating it, I may as well repost it for any other new followers of R.O.E.. If any of you are curious about the blogger behind the scenes,

Just Like That

Rewinding time to 2019. Care to join me?



Letter143 is a series of letters written to myself, my loved ones and anyone else who wants to read ’em!

Me, Mentally.

Finally! I mustered up the courage to show some art 🙂



Today there was a breakthrough in your recovery. Isn’t it crazy how in one sitting, one conversation with your therapist, you were able to identify this trigger happening six days ago and your sophomore year in high school? Unbeknownst to me yet came from me?! This is a big day

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