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Just Like That

Rewinding time to 2019. Care to join me?

Yesterday Doesn’t Matter

Yesterday’s struggles give today clarity.


A Warriors Battle Cry

Check out my latest post on Best Life Collaborative https://accessibleaba.com/bestlifecollaborative/a-warriors-battle-cry/

Drowning, Differently

Do Different! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. And so…, today, I did different. Not – I wanted to do different but I DID differently. Having a morning routine is something I have wanted to give a go for about a year now and

Back on Track

Distracted We all know how easily I can be distracted and I have been so for a month. Squirrel. Lol. But no, really. And omg how huge this day is???!!! I can honestly see that I am growing. I won’t fool you and say the decision was mine because it

A New Rainy Day

Today has started Today I have woke in a significantly better space. My sleep was a bit restless as I tossed and turned. An idea came to mind about creating a canvass and that idea kept me thinking about my own experience. Not an experience that I wanted to keep



I’m done with role play. Either accept me Or walk away. I will no longer coddle Or cater And say, I’m sorry, later. I am setting And Respecting this boundary And if you take this personal, That’s on you. I hate to sound Like a cold-hearted Bitch. No longer will

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