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What If?…

I wonder if… I said all that came to mind, Who my words would find. Why am I notoriously behind? Last in line. Is it true that if you want something You must let it go? If that’s the case, I want out of this rat race! To live my

In Search Of

Realizations I had an epiphany the other day when I published Southern Belle from Hell. I even said it in the letter. If two strangers have the same negative experience with you, you need to check yourself….. And then I went on to say that I encounter these type of

crown-Revenge of Eve

Learning to Love Myself Without Shrinking

One Word It is often said that words do not define us.  In my personal realm, they do.  I may have mentioned this a time or two.  What I mean is that I require words to give to people to describe who I am and am not. I hold onto

Tapping In

Purpose When I hear the word purpose, I associate it with an action. I believe to find one’s purpose is to be of assistance to another albeit mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially. In search of myself, I have made it my purpose to open up to the possibilities of who

Coming Clean

In June of 2018, I decided I would explore my creative side. I have since continued practicing my skills. During these 6 months, my style has shown through as what I would describe as vintage infused with modern art. The age factor is something I am drawn to in collectible

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