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Don’t Worry. I Am a Warrior.

About Worry Worrisome thoughts consume the minds of millions. An alarming 91% of what folks worry about does not come to fruition, according to Psychology Today.  Although I am diagnosed with anxiety, I do not consider myself a worrier. I attribute my anxieties to angst and nervous energy. I also

Dear Customer…

One of my all time favorite post. Definitely worth the repost.

Because Why Wait?

Because the support is amazing!!


Back in the Saddle?

Every Morning a New Beginning It is often said that we can begin anew with every sunrise. Do you believe this to be true? I can’t say for certain if I do but I can say that I miss writing. It is the most favorite of hobbies that I pursue


Never Have I …

Hmmm …🤔

Yesterday Doesn’t Matter

Yesterday’s struggles give today clarity.



Note to Self – Letter143

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