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Today there was a breakthrough in your recovery. Isn’t it crazy how in one sitting, one conversation with your therapist, you were able to identify this trigger happening six days ago and your sophomore year in high school? Unbeknownst to me yet came from me?! This is a big day


Sunny Skies The heat in Louisiana contributes to or is the root of, my SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Despite the temperature of 95 degrees, I dread August, I feel the most like myself today, than I have in three months. That’s a lovely feeling. I appreciate days like today because


Waging War Her words her ammo. Pain her battle. Branding her war’s cattle. The depth of wounds sear her soul. Armor so heavy, slicing her flesh. Onlookers smell defeat without a second glance. A woman forced to war, as society cast stones. Fatigue she wears to honor her struggle. She


I Chose Life

Today I was on the verge. The verge of suicide. I wrote my note. I looked for the gun – It wasn’t there. Luck? I’ll never know. It was the calmest I’ve been in a while and even I commented such, out loud. My guardians, I called upon. One by


No Longer They will never define me. Not the doctors. Not my father. Not my ex’es, In Texas 😂 jk. Not the psychiatrist. .  Only I can. And even that is questionable.

All of My Days

Kobi Erynn As time passes it becomes apparent that you were meant to be my only. Because of you I never feel lonely. It amazes me, your unconditional love. Fallen on hard times, I wondered how I would rise above. You have proven to me that I am worthy of.

An Update

Currently I have entered a phase in my blogging career that I have not dealt with. Writing a post feels forced. It hasn’t come naturally in the last two weeks. Since purchasing my domain I have been trying to develop, more or less, my writer’s voice. In relation to my

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