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A Benchmark: 1,000 Followers

Thank You to All Who have Joined my Journey I must admit, I wasn’t sure this day would happen. There have been times I was close to 1,000 and then followers dropped. I never sought out why. I just assumed bots played a role so I wished them farewell. July


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My ❤️ Goes Out to Ashley

Let’s show Ashley some love!

Not So Clichè New Year

‘Ello! If I am lucky, you are an original seedling here in theGarden and you may remember that with each new year I choose a word to guide my year. No worries if you are a new blossom because I will catch you up to the harvesting ‘round here!! Y’all

Happy Is… Or Is It?

A few thoughts as the year draws to a close.

A Ramble

Which came first??


What does it mean to you?

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