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Tonight I will lay my head for sleep in peace. I have shown acts of kindness that I once thought I was robbed of. I allowed someones emergency to be more important than mine and most importantly, I have been kind to myself. Nervous. But kind. Coming into oneself isn’t


On my two year blogging anniversary I question, “Can I recover?”. But I will not ruminate on such thought because I am a warrior. I have no choice but to fight for myself. No one else will. This too shall pass. And when it does, I have learned and earned


I miss me.


*language warning* I am finding this time of my life extremely difficult. Each time I feel as though I advance on a spiritual level, something material or childish, immature behavior on behalf of others, pulls me down. I want to run away. Sell my car and live on the streets.


Having a curious mind tends to take my thoughts and press rewind. Among those thoughts are questions without answers. Some of which have consumed years of my life. And still No answers. Detaching from my thoughts I find peace Yet brought back to question Where am I to muster the


Waging War Her words her ammo. Pain her battle. Branding her war’s cattle. The depth of wounds sear her soul. Armor so heavy, slicing her flesh. Onlookers smell defeat without a second glance. A woman forced to war, as society cast stones. Fatigue she wears to honor her struggle. She


Presence Presents Acceptance is just that. Accept. Repeat. The present moment offers dreams. Answers to questions to unsolved curiosities are found. The presence of love can be found. An alternate perception is had. A flower’s scent is sensed. An airplane heard. A baby soothed. Growth from within felt. Positive energy

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