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Note to Self – Letter143


Today there was a breakthrough in your recovery. Isn’t it crazy how in one sitting, one conversation with your therapist, you were able to identify this trigger happening six days ago and your sophomore year in high school? Unbeknownst to me yet came from me?! This is a big day


Sigh Literally. As of this moment, I am in mini vacay mode and omg, does it feel…like, a panicky-calm. I know. I know. But it’s true. I panic because I am waiting for the day I just say, “I’m not going back”. The day where I give into my dream


We are experiencing temperatures that we haven’t experienced in over 100 years. Today is as magnificent as any day to be grateful.


I am having complete thoughts. I kinda don’t know what to think about that.


I’m in the mood to say some shit people don’t say. That usually makes for an interesting day. If you’re a man, avoid me (my bad fellas).

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