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Dear Customer…

One of my all time favorite post. Definitely worth the repost.



*language warning* I am finding this time of my life extremely difficult. Each time I feel as though I advance on a spiritual level, something material or childish, immature behavior on behalf of others, pulls me down. I want to run away. Sell my car and live on the streets.

A Glimpse of the Light

Beginning I am beginning to notice the closer I inch towards peace, the pain tries to pull me back. The teen I became screams from within. She feels deep rejection when I shove her back down. I’ve not ever tried to hide her but she is only seen if I

R.O.E. 411

Last month I thought my WordPress plan was set to renew but that is only done when you have a card on file. My plan wasn’t due to expire until the 30th of May and while I had the money to renew last month, I decided not too for a



Presence Presents Acceptance is just that. Accept. Repeat. The present moment offers dreams. Answers to questions to unsolved curiosities are found. The presence of love can be found. An alternate perception is had. A flower’s scent is sensed. An airplane heard. A baby soothed. Growth from within felt. Positive energy


I Chose Life

Today I was on the verge. The verge of suicide. I wrote my note. I looked for the gun – It wasn’t there. Luck? I’ll never know. It was the calmest I’ve been in a while and even I commented such, out loud. My guardians, I called upon. One by

I Wonder…

language warning

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