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Today there was a breakthrough in your recovery. Isn’t it crazy how in one sitting, one conversation with your therapist, you were able to identify this trigger happening six days ago and your sophomore year in high school? Unbeknownst to me yet came from me?! This is a big day

Not An Option

An option or not? Losing hope isn’t an option and yet it seems to be the first I let go of. I am worn out from trying to stay afloat. Complaining with no action is pity and that is where I am. I can’t seem to do anything about this

An Introduction to Creative Journaling

Discussing my fave! Good morning dear friends.  Today I decided I would like to touch on a topic near and dear to my heart, journaling.  Wait! Don’t scatter!! I am not talking about your typical style of journaling rather creative journaling. In the linked article you will find the author

It’s World Stationery Day!

What kind of #stationeryaddict would I be if I didn’t celebrate #worldstationeryday? If I had my own brick and mortar store I would celebrate the day surrounded by beautiful stationery… OH wait!! I do that already!! Thoughts of the Future The infamous Stationery Show in London gives me #goals. I

Revenge of Eve

The Process of Journaling and Its Benefits

A must read if you want to start journaling to improve your mental health.

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