Revenge of Eve

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Revenge of Eve

The Process of Journaling and Its Benefits

A must read if you want to start journaling to improve your mental health.


Unnecessary Pressure I am making the decision to free myself of the unnecessary pressure I place on myself. Too much, if not all, that I deal with is not necessary. I do not advance in life. I do not become a better person. Nothing is accomplished because of. The results

Can It Really Be Considered Progress?

Relationships The only thing I can honestly say about relationships is that I have had my fair share of toxic, broken, manipulative ones. Looking at my situation from my point of view I am impressed that I survived. I am also impressed by my growth. I put emphasis on growth

Changing My Life (One Day At A Time)

Hello 2019 It is now the new year. So much pressure is put on the new year and I realized this as I scrolled through reading the posts of other bloggers. I am not putting that pressure on myself. I am aware that life happens and that I am not

Ground Zero

An inventory of where I stand mentally, financially, and spiritually going into 2k19 I decided to take inventory of where I stand mentally, financially, and spiritually, giving me something to measure. I suppose I could add emotionally to the mix as well because it plays a vital role in our

When I Becomes We: A Pledge to Plan

Check out this more organized post about planning.

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