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What If?…

I wonder if… I said all that came to mind, Who my words would find. Why am I notoriously behind? Last in line. Is it true that if you want something You must let it go? If that’s the case, I want out of this rat race! To live my



Momma’s baby, As the last day of the month long celebration of your existence draws to a close, I can’t help but to feel a sense of relief. Not because I no longer want to celebrate you yet I fumbled with finding the words to aptly describe you. Words do

All of My Days

Kobi Erynn As time passes it becomes apparent that you were meant to be my only. Because of you I never feel lonely. It amazes me, your unconditional love. Fallen on hard times, I wondered how I would rise above. You have proven to me that I am worthy of.

A Little Bit About This and That

Bonding Often times the bond between mother and daughter is considered one of strain. All too often we hear of the arguments, attitude, and agitation that create stress for this feeble relationship. Teenage years is when most girls begin their menstrual cycle resulting in catastrophic, irrelevant emotional outburst. Ironically us

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