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Alone Not suffering No loneliness to convey Nothing to display Only I Here today Party of one Without shame Solo Uno One I say No limitations No compromise No injustice No surprise Just me by my side Conversations, plenty Arguments, None When it’s over I say It’s done Single Solidarity

Blogger Outreach

Have a product??

Some 2022 Artwork

2022 Artwork

Monday’s Deadline

Nothing to brag about…

My Process of Sorting

Tying up new year loose ends. Trash or Stash?

Too Much

Stuff and stuff n stuff…

Creative Magic

Magic Create Isn’t a command Magic lends no hand Ahem Paint She flicks her wrist Without a brush is only a wish She double-checks her circling motion Curious if it was a mistake she opt-out of concocting a potion Ahem This time tapping her foot Create She demands Nothing but

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