Back in Business?

Learning Curve

So…this thing happened. I fixed my laptop!! I am not too certain I deserve any credit, however, I am using it now after almost a year of going without but I do give myself credit for having the patience to follow the steps provided and lookie here.

I am operable 🙂

Now I have to bebop off to work for seven hours 😩 It feels much better having the keys to press using all of my fingers instead of only my thumbs. I’ve always enjoyed typing. There is going to be a learning curve most definitely with the blocks but I am up for the challenge. Certainly WordPress didn’t modify to make things harder on us, right? I’d like to think not.

The Day After

When I got off work last night and was fooling around with my computer, I realized my settings was that of a woman in crisis. Everything turned off. No access to anything except the internet. It also wouldn’t update Windows so I had an inkling something was off there. I think I deleted Windows somehow or something like that. Please forgive my lack of intelligence as far as computers are concerned. I sound like a babbling, confused person because I am!! I searched for the control panel and nothing was there. Perhaps I did delete the operating system, still not sure but I did find my way to reset and reinstall.

Fingers crossed it just restores it back to it’s original out-of-the-box settings. I had already deleted most everything on there so this isn’t a big deal for me like it would be for most others. And…which!! Back in business. Brand new business. I just saved myself $250! Yay!!


On a more personal note, I have been doing okay. I don’t say good because honestly, there’s not been much of any good happening (other than my laptop). Just work and home and work and home. I can’t stand for my days to be like that. I enjoy the freedom of not working. I’m sure many of you can agree. Many of the folks I associate with say they have to work to feel like they are contributing. To what, idk and don’t really too much care. I’ll go as far as to say that I am stable which is far from my normal, therefore, making me normal?? Perhaps that is why I am bored with the routine of my days.

My daughter turned 20 on February 6th. I caught a 24-hour stomach bug that was hell on me for two solid days. I literally couldn’t lift my head on Sunday forcing me to miss my daughter’s annual birthday dinner. That added to my sickness. I am an alcoholic mom. I get no sick days. I used those up in my drinking days. So the guilt says which is stupid because who feels guilty for catching a projectile vomiting bug?!?!?! Meh.

Despite the tone of my update, I am o.k. Again, nothing too noteworthy to discuss so I’ll wrap it up. How’s your week gone?

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