Stream of Conscious

And if I say, Dont get tripped up by words, she does the opposite. What good does it do to suggest to someone what they should, could, or must do?

Free will. Is it the blue or the red pill? A suggestion, recommendation, or instruction. If fear has its way, a plot for destruction.

Simply a bias, an experience, or foreshadowing. A casual being. Perhaps a gleaming projection with ample protection.

Direction is given but can not be expected to be taken. The stillness of delusion compromises confusion. Where’s the inclusion? She insists it’s an illusion.

Forsaken of a past, she implies none of this last. She views at half-mass. Her cup frighten to overflow. Cherish uncertainty she forego.

An imagination takes her where she wants to go. A calm demeanor shields a chaotic interior. Inferior. She distorts. Herself she contorts.

A plot. A plan. Incessant thoughts. She awaits rescue from her mind’s quicksand. One woman’s territory. An escape. Or a trap. Answer that.

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