Some 2022 Artwork

As you may know, I am an avid journaler. About three years ago I set out to discover my artistic style. While I haven’t exactly uncovered what mine is, I did reveal my love for all things paper. Being a writer I focused part of this time on changing my writing style to foster a more hopeful, encouraging style of documenting. I also came across art journaling and junk journals along with many others like glue books.

My initial vision toyed with selling handmade journals but that idea killed any creativity I had. I removed that option and dedicated myself to making things that showcase the papers of life that I collect in a years time. This can also include papers I’ve bought or sourced from estate sales, antique shops, or off shoot pieces I’ve been given.

My current work in progress is a handmade glue book with the theme women and flowers. It will house my admiration for women and flowers as well as my creative explorations including women and flowers. I’m quite stoked about this project. And I thought I could share my progress. I hope you enjoy.

Cover page Ace 22
The cover
Page 1 and 2 spread vintage magazine cutouts of women and Marilyn Monroe Happy New Year banner
Page 1 and 2

I include journaling on inserts of paper. In the photo above the yellow ticket has journaling on the back of it. This discloses my new job details and holiday happenings. It is simply tucked into the left edge of the first page.

A woman doing a yoga type pose with an encyclopedia page detailing the leaves and bark of trees with an interactive flap
Images here include magazine, a vintage year book, and an encyclopedia book page with an interactive flap.
A flat lay of pages 5 and 6 showcasing a pocket made from a botanist journal featuring a vintage photograph from 1937 as well as personal journaling notes
Up close photo of the pocket I created
A pocket holding a vintage photo from 1937 and journaling. The pocket is from a journal dedicated to the discovery of plants/flowers.
A Victorian die cut of a young lady collaged on top of a vintage water bill receipt and vintage drawing paper
A Victorian die cut of a young lady collaged on top of an old water bill receipt on vintage drawing paper
An up close photo of the collage featuring gold and acrylic scissors

Let me know if you enjoy these creative showcases. If you do, I can share more photos more often.

13 Replies to “Some 2022 Artwork”

  1. theusedlife says:

    I very much enjoyed these. Beautiful work!

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Thanks for describing the photos for me!
    I appreciate it!
    I enjoy your creative endeavours!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Simon says:

    I would love to see more… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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