Feeling Feels

Feeling the Feels

I am coming to realize that feeling my feelings is easy. Accepting those feelings is the difficult part. I have already begun to implement my word for the year. If you are not aware, it is, be.

Be falls in line with acceptance. Accepting that our reality is what it is supposed to be and if we do not like it, we control it, therefore, work to improve it. Small steps at a time of course. It is also about accepting that not everything is in our control. This takes into account our attitude while experiencing the trials and tribulations of life. Our results reflect our outlook more often than not.

But what about if you are diagnosed with bipolar 1? The depths of depression are debilitating. The manic high is distracting, to say the least. To find the elusive balance appears the struggle. Can those diagnosed with mental illness obtain inner peace?? Or does mental illness equal turmoil?

My Experience

I consider myself authentic. An honest person who despite how painful the truth is, I tell it, as I wish to receive it. The pain of the truth can be resolved. Validated. Whereas the hope found in lies is not often obtainable. As hopeless as it may sound, my experience has taught me that while I may achieve inner peace, it is short-lived. For the sake of hope, my diagnosis is rapid cycling bipolar 1 so this is potentially the cause. That also means that this may not apply to you 🤞

Routine, scheduling, and organization help aid in achieving the inner peace I and many others desire. But that’s a lot of dedication and hard work and when you struggle with accomplishing daily tasks it can be a pain in the ass. This is not a roundabout way to say I quit this year’s word. No. Not at all but it is to say that there are many realities I need to accept. Starting with my own.


Moving Forward

While I am realistic, I am an optimist. I transcend good vibes and maintain a positive outlook. I cannot be bothered by negativity. Sure, I have my days. I am human. But speaking in general, I am optimistic about moving forward. I look forward to tackling the challenges thrown my way. I skip to a new beat these days so there is no tell’n what’s to come! I am determined to be at peace. I no longer accept busyness as productive, therefore…yup, you guessed it…I am going to change it. I am hopeful about bringing value to time. My time.

Learning life’s lessons one by one is life. Just because I have been diagnosed with mental illness does not mean I can’t or don’t life. It means I thrive despite it. Despite stigma, ignorance, and pity. That’s strength folks and for those of you who struggle with self-doubt or mental illness, I am here to tell you that you rock. Don’t let someone rain on your parade. Have confidence that despite the past, despite the future, you have the ability to shape your present moment and make it your own.

Whatever you do, accept it. Accept that you chose to do what it is you are doing. Who cares what Nancy Jo is doing? Who cares what she thinks? Who is Nancy Jo? 😂 Sorry. I was getting a little carried away but you get the picture. I am passionate about others’ limited self-image as it is something I’ve conquered.

In summary, I have enough faith in me for the both of us. I didn’t write a formal 2022 post so

Happy Belated New Year!!

Here’s to being in 2022

Cheers to me & YOU!!

10 Replies to “Feeling Feels”

  1. Simon says:

    That’s a good outlook on life… Be is a great word to live to as well. Happy new year Eve 🙂

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  2. girlieboy69 says:

    That is a perfect word ‘be’ and it’s implications for presence.

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  3. girlieboy69 says:

    That is a perfect word ‘be’. Especially in relation to presence.

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  4. And this is how we can help reduce stigma around mental illnesses, by being honest when talking about personal experiences and being positive when we are talking collectively.
    love this post!

    also, did you leave a comment for my mental health awareness post? it went to spam and when I saw it in spam it suddenly disappeared. I’m extremely sorry for losing your comment please accept my apology and post again if possible. really sorry.

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