An Oxymoron

Random Thoughts

Free-flowing thoughts breathe creativity. As I sit in my studio I can’t help but laugh at the oxymorons that are me. As of late, I think in my studio and write in bed. I read in my studio and draw in bed. I sit in my studio and look around. I find joy and inspiration in my studio and I create in my bed. And oh yeah, my favorite color is red.

Before I know it I will sleep in my studio and eat in bed. Sheesh. That I’ll dread. No one wants to create while sitting on crumbs in their bed!! Soon enough these random thoughts will be out of my head. I doubt they stop when I am dead. Thoughts whirlwind, circle, and orbit all-day long never to stop for breakfast, not even a mid-day song.

Thoughts of business, entrepreneurship, and desires for success bounce around. I bet I look like a clown if my thoughts were outside and around. What if thoughts made a sound? Or appear round? Ahhh, profound. Would they be considered thoughts having fallen to the ground? Stop this madness and talk around.

Thoughts come and they go. They free flow. In and about, around and out. A spigot or a spout. Linger thoughts of doubt. I am not going that route! Shout. Shout. Let it all out. These are the thoughts I will go without. So come on 😉 I’m talking to you.

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8 Replies to “An Oxymoron”

  1. I am a bedroom-dweller. I do most things in bed.

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  2. Timothy Price says:

    I never work in bed. I do most things on the counter surround by cats. My studio is for music and photography. Standing room only in the studio.

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    • I’ve considered that for my studio as well. I have an office chair as well as a couch in there now. The couch was here before me and isn’t mine to get rid of, however, my boyfriend said it can go. I just haven’t got around to it. It’s a nice leather couch and it fits the color scheme we went with but it isn’t the most comfortable. Not sure if it’ll sell or if it’s trash.

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