Is Tech-Free Even An Option?

Hi! If you found yourself here by way of title interest, you will discover my technology detox experience interesting. However the reason being, I believe we can all use a detox from technology. I forewarn you, it isn’t easy going tech-free. The idea is a mere distant reality but perhaps I can prepare you for aspects that are unexpected and challenging.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Historian Christian Lous Lange

Instant Gratification

As a culture, across cultures, and the world, we can agree we live in an instant gratification society. Everything we desire is at our fingertips, a click away. Aside from the access to endless information, the worldwide web offers communication with fellow humans with who we may not be given the chance to communicate before the expansion of technology. Factor in social media and you’ll experience a bubble of humanity without respect for personal privacy. Look at me pops in my head as a slogan for a generation knowing no differently.

As with all commodities we tend to acknowledge the advantages and discard the negative. Most especially about technology. It is integrated into our lives without resistance or choice. I found this to be a disturbing consummation of reality. Let me back up.

Quick Premise Insight

I am using technology after a seven-month detox. During this time I concluded that life tech-free is not a possibility. This post will explore how I arrived at this bold conclusion, aspects I found disturbing, and the truth behind our touch reality. Now that I’ve put the cart behind the horse, let’s move forward, shall we?


My Tech-Free Detox Experience

The numerous avenues one must travel to arrive at a state map is discouraging. I find this to be limiting. I stumbled upon the lack of map access when planning a scavenger hunt for a weekend river float trip with my daughter. My then eighteen-year-old wasn’t a stranger to the sight of a map but have never personally used one, I thought it would add a challenging twist to our hunt. Little was I aware finding a map became the hunt! Ahhh, … the good ole days when you could find a state map at every corner store.

The next annoying aspect of attempting life tech-free is interacting with fellow Homosapien. This next to impossible feat weakens the whittling hope I have left for humanity. Surface level exchanges, “Your email, please.” or “Did you see…?”. None of which triggers me sensory. I found myself in silence while in the company of others more often than not. Bless my mother’s heart for referring me to Facebook, I deleted that account three years ago! Interaction has become about what it is not rather the emotion evoked, the laughs had, or tears shed.

Have you purchased a watch in a while? If not, going tech-free you’ll need to if you want to know the time. Not surprisingly this trickles into needing a planner for setting appointments and scheduling other important events. Do you see where this is going? The level of insanity our reliability on our devices prevails. On my journey of detox, asking others “what time is it?”, didn’t last long. Shopping for a watch became a task. I have specific requirements for my watch. Digital, and waterproof with a light. You’d think the simple demands would be met more often than not. Wrong!

Why Tech-Free?

Sometimes in life things we do not necessarily need but want are taken from us without choice. This is the case regarding my tech-free detox. Some of you may recall my post about being hacked. The timing wasn’t desirable as I had experienced another psychosis episode around the same time and well, that issue got significantly worse, forcing me to eliminate technology… for my sanity! There has been no resolve except my acceptance of the invasion of privacy. The way I see it, it will take care of itself in due time.

If I am to consider my experience with tech-free detox, I must not exclude how little knowledge people have surrounding technology. Lemme tell ya!! I do not believe myself to be more intelligent than the average Joe, however, I was proved incorrect. First and foremost employees of Verizon are merely representatives of the company and are not trained in technical support. Really. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, your issues are to be resolved over the phone. Yeah. Ya know the phone you are experiencing trouble with. Yeah, that one. Psst.

I could continue but I will stop. Some of what I was met with would blow your mind. I hope no one else experiences identity theft or stalking. I may disclose my case in the near future but for now, I will wrap it up.

Does tech-free sound like something you’d be interested in trying? A detox from technology?

12 Replies to “Is Tech-Free Even An Option?”

  1. I tend to approach tech as a tool that I choose to use when it benefits me rather than something I’m hooked on. If I were to go tech-free, I would lose those benefits, and I can’t think of anything that I would gain.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Not a chance I’d go tech free! I rely on my tech for everything! When you are blind, it becomes even more important. xoxo

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  4. Rochdalestu says:

    The pen drive is mightier than the sword 🗡

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  5. Rochdalestu says:

    I have pages and pages of writings that I have gone back to and then been able to understand what I was thinking about at certain times and put it together in my accounts and blogs

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  6. ponzoblogs says:

    Sadly because covid I cant do my hobby 😦

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  7. I used to do this, in that I would observe Shabbat every week which involved essentially going tech-free for the 25 hour Sabbath period. I did this for over ten years, most of which were pretty good. There were a few reasons why I ultimately quit doing this, but one big one was that during COVID, with the lack of in-person religious services, meals, religious community and socializing, going tech-free on Shabbat was no longer a nice break but rather, it was painfully boring.

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