Don’t Worry. I Am a Warrior.

About Worry

Worrisome thoughts consume the minds of millions. An alarming 91% of what folks worry about does not come to fruition, according to Psychology Today

Although I am diagnosed with anxiety, I do not consider myself a worrier. I attribute my anxieties to angst and nervous energy. I also have an adhd diagnosis, therefore, predictably is something I prefer yet I do not worry about the unknown. I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone beside me.

 For example, my what if’s go: “What if I were blind?”, I question … not worry. Following this specific what if came a year of closed eyes. True story. When I commit, I commit. I was in third grade when this experiment took place.

My what if’s do not come from a place of fear or concern. 

Because of this I deem myself fortunate to not belong to the 60 percent (Washington post, April 2020) of United States adults who worry. 

Some may debate my worryless claim taking into account my motherhood. Would you believe me if I told you I do not worry about my daughter? Well … I don’t. When she was a young child my only fear was an injury that resulted in bleeding. My instincts to fight or flight are to freeze. For me, this means that when I encounter a situation involving blood or possible disaster, I become debilitated. I shut down completely. So my fear wasn’t a worry about my child per se rather my helplessness if we were to find ourselves in such circumstance. 

Do not mistake my lack of worry as a lack of love. That just isn’t true. She = life to me but that doesn’t mean I must worry about her. No, I do not want her to hurt but I know it’s going to happen. And I hope I do a good job consoling her. 

Worries are prayers for things we do not want. Don’t put things out in the universe if you don’t want to manifest it.

Life is a series of falling and getting back up. Mistakes and failure form character. Let life mold a warrior not shape a worrier. Worrying is a waste. It contributes to stress and has no influence on the outcome.

Disturb Me Not provides staggering statistics in connection with the recent pandemic and worrisome anxieties. The article I linked is full of interestingly informative stats.  I am only going to share a piece. I recommend reading the full article.

Due to COVID-19, 53% of adult Americans claimed that their mental health had been negatively affected in 2020.

People sheltering-in-place reported higher levels of stress and worry (47%) over COVID-19 than people who were not sheltering-in-place (37%). 

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million US adults every year.

31.2% of Americans experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime.

Over 90% of people with generalized anxiety disorder have another psychiatric diagnosis as well.

19 million Americans suffer from specific phobias.

6.8 million US adults have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

About 31% of US adolescents suffer from an anxiety disorder.

14% of people in the European Union suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Up to 90% of people with generalized anxiety disorder have difficulty concentrating.

How about you? Do you find yourself worrying? If so, about what?

9 Replies to “Don’t Worry. I Am a Warrior.”

  1. yes I worry as I believe most people do. My goal is to not let myself wallow in it or make decisions based on fear or worry.

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  2. socialworkerangela says:

    I was raised to be a worrier it’s a hard faulty thinking to break but I’m trying 😀

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  3. Simon says:

    I try not to worry, but sometimes I can’t help it…

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