Back in the Saddle?

Every Morning a New Beginning

It is often said that we can begin anew with every sunrise.

Do you believe this to be true?

I can’t say for certain if I do but I can say that I miss writing. It is the most favorite of hobbies that I pursue

yet long past due.

As I scroll through the reader feed I admire those bloggers who push through. I recall a time when I did too.

Back to Blogging Basics

1. Just do it!

2. Share your words.

3. Be you. You are enough!

4. There is no need to set expectations.

5. Start where you are.

6. Do not look to the time that has past.

7. Engage with the community.

8. Do not apologize for your absence.

9. Support the bloggers who support you.

10. JUST DO IT!!!

Pump Yourself Up, Candace!

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are rockstars no matter what the voice in our head says. Sometimes it requires us to pump ourselves up with encouraging words, relevant reminders, and simple truths.

Once you have fallen off the proverbial blogging horse, it is difficult as hell to saddle ‘er up again. The challenge in blogging comes in the form of consistent communication. Once upon four years ago, I thought what I had to say had value but I realize I just had a lot of time on my hands. Ironically, I still have time on my hands yet not the umpth to produce worthy content.

The truth of the matter is I no longer make my hobby my priority. I continue to put my favorite outlet on the back burner. When I see other blogs thriving I feel a bit envious which isn’t of my character. I have faith that this year long break will soon subside.


Life is still happening for me and sometimes at a snail’s pace. I want to share the slime yet by time I find the words, the slime has hardened. No longer relevant to my current status. I suppose my blog doesn’t have to be up to date but I prefer it that way.

I did not intend to write a whiny post. Please forgive the annoying-ness that concludes my encouraging post. Lol. A walking contradiction I am.

Oh, yeah … it’s been snowing/sleeting in Louisiana for five days now. If that isn’t proof the world is coming to an end, I don’t know what is. I just hope before it does, I feel the sunshine on my face, my bare feet on the grass, and a hug from my daughter, would be nice.

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12 Replies to “Back in the Saddle?”

  1. easetheride says:

    So many of us are going through this challenging writer’s-block type period where the words won’t come as freely as before. I can’t believe I ever had so much to say. Nice to hear from you, hope you get back on the horse!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ashleyleia says:

    You can do this! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meg says:

    Hi there!! It’s all snowy here, too!! We’re buried under snow! My car’s trapped between two snowbanks, which I discovered after I spent fifteen minutes getting snow off the top of the car! Welcome back to the fun world of blogging!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s insane here! Hopefully we will be able to move around tomorrow. We prepared food wise but other than that, our roads aren’t made for this mess. Carports are caving in, blocks of road are chunking out of the highway … it’s horrible.

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  4. Wait til the words unrelentingly swirl around your head and just write. Excuse yourself from polite company if need be and write on the notes app in your phone in the only public bathroom at the fancy restaurant. Some of my best stuff had been while pulled over on the side of a highway.
    If we don’t strike in the moment our most important words can be lost forever. Write them, even if you never share them, at least they give us proof of life.
    Glad to see you back! xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    • This is the best advice I’ve ever received! It’s crazy because they come at the most inopportune time and I used to do as you suggest but I got out of habit and started to feel rude about dismissing my presence.

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  5. I can relate to many of your feelings about writing. I hope you find a groove that suits you and your life. Thanks for following my blog. Blessings, Brad

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