Pandemia spread across our sphere, inflamming panic, isolation, and death.

A world attempts to restore the destruction, snuffing the ashes, phase by phase.

Among a nation, where freedom ring, its law enforcement chose segregation. Divided degradation tosses fuel on generations of smoldering ember.

Peaceful protests throughout the day. Riots ignite at night. Innoncent children witness the political prejudice plight.

How are we to educate our children to cope? Holding onto hope seem a slippery slope.

A young woman of mixed ethnicity riddles in anxiety awaiting her fathers return from work. Fears spurred on by years of human oppression trigger a lingering depression.

Absent of choice.

Penalized for pigment.

Exposing an undeniable corrupt undercurrent of elitist. White men abuse positions of power. Accusations of guilt formed of an opinion theorized by the color of one’s skin.


Aren’t all God-fearing men capable of sin?

4 Replies to “6.6.20”

  1. Meg says:

    Really freakin’ good!!

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  2. Spot on and perfectly written. 💗

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