It’s time to be yourself. If you don’t like something, don’t pretend you do. If someone gets offended, do not apologize for being you. Do not take responsibility for their sensitivity. People do not like it when others are carefree… or just happy.

In a society who shames others for something as stupid as the clothing they wear, be you, this I dare. Let them gawk and stare. Walk with your head held high, don’t bother to look them in the eye.

They will gossip about you. They circulate info that is so out of date. Don’t waste your energy trying to create synergy, you’ll be met with hate. Leave them be because soon they will see it is you-you will be. There is much more to life than to be catty.

Don’t take it personal that your optimism annoys others. That’s on them and it’s evident that negativity is attracted to positive. It tries to create a resistance. No need for you to allow those people in your zone.

Just do you boo.

6 Replies to “9.27.19”

  1. This post needs to be printed and framed. Thank you for writing this and being a survivor. You are amazing!

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  2. Meg says:

    I’m the only person in my adult ballet class who wears ballet clothes (tights and leotards). Everyone else wears black yoga pants and a tight top. I’m thinking about adding a tutu!! I’ve been wearing a fitness skort over the ensemble, but a tutu would be so much more balletic, ya know? Thanks for this encouragement to be myself!!

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  3. amydwestphal says:

    Very good advice indeed.

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