Last Day

her toes grip
the edge of the cliff.

According to society,
as a mother,
she is unfit.

How about sick?

Burdened since birth,
life is her curse.

Not quite insane.

On the edge she hang.
Shattered pieces
held together
by a fragile frame.
Never again the

Fingers pointed
opinions shared
yet not one solution.
She gets it.
They have no care.
they stare.

Exploit her.
Ostracize her.
Pity her.
Shame her.
Reject her.
Judge her.

and Berate her
she’s weak.

She kneels.
No longer can she stand.
Doubt lingers
while pointing fingers.
Control it
they say.

She pleads,
Let this be my last day.

24 Replies to “Last Day”

  1. Every word is filled with emotion. It is heart-wrenching and such good writing. 💗

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  2. Meg says:

    If you feel rotten, please feel free to email me! I feel rotten. Life bites. Please hang in there!!

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  3. amydwestphal says:

    Release that kraken girl 😉 feels good to write out them frustrations huh? 💖

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  4. ArtisanX says:

    Love This! (Love my hat too!!! Got it yesterday! – photo to come💕💕)

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  5. Amir says:

    Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Actually this should be your ZERO DAY from when the “you”, the real “you” and “your” life begins. No more anybody, anyone or ANYTHING out there. From this ZERO moment onwards, its your life on your terms and everyone can just go to hell. Actually you should help some on their miserable path (to such hell).

    I can’t simply stand these low-life miserable people who push someone to the edge like these words speak of. I love to identify such people and make them taste their own medicine before, of course, paying for their happy pills and mental therapies. Pitying such people is the maximum I can do, while I know there are other consequences that make such people mere statistics or a fleeting news story.

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    • People don’t realize how much they say by not saying anything and then others say too much. I am guilty myself of speaking terrible words because I have defended myself my whole life and unfortunately, innocent others have been caught in the crossfire. Thank you for your support.

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      • Amir says:

        Its the anger that either lets us say things we regret later or what stops us and be a sand bag for someone else. I think if we can maintain our cool during any such difficult conversation and put our brain next to our mouth, things can have totally different and sort of a desired outcome as we wish.

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        • I agree. The biggest and hardest step is to take accountability for those words without a sorry. Saying I am sorry without a change in behavior is manipulation. I am currently working on this with myself. Living the cycle of abuse and learning your part in breaking it is almost too much to bear. But it is necessary if I would like to continue to grow.

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          • Amir says:

            Absolutely. And from your words, I can guess that you have already grown a lot. This growing and learning process will never end. What matters most is these moments how you enjoyed them and in whose company you chose. So, let me admit, I feel enjoying this moment addressing you 🙂 Do you like to chat on Facebook messenger someday? Comments section here can be easily flooded if you and I start to talk i.e. getting to know each other’s lessons in life 🙂

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  6. Wow! Candace, this was one emotional power punch! Extremely well written, just overwhelmingly emotional. Are you alright, Sweetie?

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    • I am. I am just processing a lot of things at once. It’s been overwhelming. I have done things differently this time and doing so has made it, we’ll, different…idk how to say it bc it still hurts I’m just not allowing myself to become the hurt.

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