R.O.E. 411

Last month I thought my WordPress plan was set to renew but that is only done when you have a card on file. My plan wasn’t due to expire until the 30th of May and while I had the money to renew last month, I decided not too for a few reasons.

Revenge of Eve
  • I am unsure of which plan will best suit my needs for the next twelve months
  • I have not decided on my set plan of attack for selling my memory keeping journals and journaling packets
  • I haven’t weighed my options about the benefits of having a paid for plan verses a free site considering I do not have a plan mapped out for selling things online
  • I have missed too much work to invest in something without seeing a return immediately
  • My only fret is that my design layout will be affected and I am not so certain I will invest the time to get it how I want it due to when I do decide having to invest the time on the new site
  • I have stepped back from blogging and reading blogs daily to avoid burnout
  • My personal life needs attention
  • The domain remains mine because it was purchased separately and at a later date from the plan so I do not fear the loss of it
  • I want to be more intentional with all I do from here on out
  • Direction, routine, and scheduling are things high on my short list of priorities and sticking to them is my biggest priority
  • A free site is suitable for the time being and forces me to establish an action plan in regards to my desires to work from home
  • I am unsure if I want to air my personal life in the same space I want to develop a professional relationship with customers
  • I may use a free site for personal and launch a professional site using a paid for site…the problem there lies not being able to transfer my following to my business site but having my followers on my free site allows them the choice to follow if my business is targeted at their individual interests
  • I’ve attempted operating two sites before and one suffered and the other never quite took off but in comparison to beginning my first site, it did well
  • I do not want to abandon my R.O.E. as my web persona but I also want to be respected professionaly
  • I have no clue what direction I want to go in professionally speaking
  • I am working on a few projects so my time is limited

Did I say a few reasons? Lol… It’s more than a few and I need more time to sort things out. The purpose of this post was to a. receive feedback and suggestions from my loyal followers b. to have my thoughts/questions/concerns listed out for reference c. to inform y’all that the overall design of R.O.E. is soon to change due to the fact that final decisions have not been made. Free themes are limited to chose from and if I am honest, I’m not pressuring myself to invest the time it takes to design a website without knowing my next move. If you have any insight into the operations of the WordPress business plan, Etsy, or Shopify please let me know your experience in the comments. Or do you use a self-hosted platform? If so, how much behind the scenes work is required? It is difficult and much more time consuming? Any feedback is great feedback!!

Revenge of Eve

27 Replies to “R.O.E. 411”

  1. amydwestphal says:

    Mines the 77 a year one with domain. I didn’t enjoy renewing it either.

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    I think it makes a lot of sense to go free until you decide what you want to do. Chances are a good chunk of your readers are reading through the WordPress reader (like me) and not even seeing your theme anyway. Probably better to have a well thought out plan and go with it rather than trying something and then deciding to change and having all the logistical hassles that go along with that.

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  3. Meg says:

    I hate the notion that knowing someone’s personal issues means you can’t interact with them professionally, e.g., by buying their product. i’d like to see an era in which we can be BOTH people–the person with the problems, and the salesperson–without having to hide one from the other. But I’m probably the odd one out there, and trust me; I know diddly about business. But it looks like you’re putting a lot of thought into it, which is great!! Keep us posted!

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    • Ikr. I agree with you and it doesn’t matter to a degree but both my parents owned businesses and I can see the reasons behind the boundaries between the two. You’d be surprised the lengths people go to to take advantage of other people. And that isn’t so much my concern as it would be if I had a brick and mortar store. I do know that you do not mix business with friends or family.

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  4. Nyxinked says:

    Depending on how blogging continues for me, I may also do the same. I am unsure if it was a wise decision for me to go ahead and get a paid plan, especially as my blog is still a baby. Next year, depending on growth and funds, I may just go back to the free plan.

    – Nyxie


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    • I’m sorry for the delayed reply. Your comment went to spam because you included a link with your comment. I enjoyed having a premium plan but due to lack of funds and an uncertain future, I will let it expire. Thanks for commenting. Many of your comments may go unseen because of including a link. Just a head’s up.


  5. You have a lot to decide on because you have so many particulars going on.
    If I could, I wish I went with the free plan, only because I have had so many issues since changing my premium plan to personal. Then the sneak attack of a domain charge. That should have all been included with what we already pay. (Simply my opinion).
    I’m sure you will make the correct choice… You definitely are weighing the pros/cons list pretty well!

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  6. Joshua Shea says:

    I’m going to be a bit more pragmatic with how to come to your answers. I think it all stems backward from one question: How viable is your business? As a journalist, I covered the dot-com boom of the late 90s, and like every other journalist, predicted it’s implosion five years later. When I was the editor of a local magazine, we had a monthly “new business” feature and I was probably about 95% calling businesses that would fail or succeed.
    I think it all comes down to honestly analyzing the answer to this question: “Despite people claiming to love my idea and wishing me the best, are there enough people who will part with their money — on an ongoing basis — to justify the investment of my time and resources?”
    Ideas you’ve convinced yourself are good, potentially misplaced confidence, an earnest desire to succeed and the verbal support of others have led many small business owners astray from the very beginning.
    I think once you figure out, objectively, what represents success, what it takes to get there, and if it’s worth it, you’ll have a lot of your other questions answered.

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    • I appreciate this way more than you can imagine and because of the exact reasons I have not launched, so to speak. My idea is actually huge and would/could operate under an umbrella type system having multiple mini “businesses” that play off of one another. It’s crazy because today I was able to pull it all together, put words to my why, define my mission and many other things that I have been stumped on. I’ve known all along the idea I want to present but wasn’t sure how to tie them together. If any of that makes sense. And I use the term business loosely because I believe in order for me to achieve my goal of working from home, I may need to approach it from a campaign point of view and from there allow the mini segments to unfold naturally and over an extended period of time.


    • It would be so nice to present it to a project manager and hear what they’d say as far as it’s longevity and low labor, low cost, investments. I wish I could afford one to help me define a guide so that I can scale.

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      • Joshua Shea says:

        If you’re able to get something of a plan on paper, I’d be happy to take a look at it and see if you’ve got gaping holes, blinds spots and what really seems to work.

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        • Most definitely. I will draw it out like mind mapping if that is ok. I really appreciate it and any feedback you have. I would have to establish a separate domain because my target audience is quite different but I am prepared for that.

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