It’s World Stationery Day!

What kind of #stationeryaddict would I be if I didn’t celebrate #worldstationeryday?

If I had my own brick and mortar store I would celebrate the day surrounded by beautiful stationery…

OH wait!!

I do that already!!

Revenge of Eve

Thoughts of the Future

The infamous Stationery Show in London gives me #goals. I hope to (one day) walk around and feel the different textures of paper, see the new product lines of my favorite stationery designers, and most of all to stock up on more notebooks!! (Of course, after I achieve what I have set out over the next five years).

My love for stationery overflows into desk accessories and I’ve never worked at a desk in my life😂. But if I did…you can bet it would be the prettiest, cleanest white and gold desk you’ve ever seen. I vision it now:

A gold stapler

A 24karat gold block as my paperweight.

All white pens, pencils, and notebook covers. I would throw in a few gold pens.

Gold paper clips. Jumbo to a mini in size.

My charging port area would be set up with a huge comfy gold, leather, oversized chair adorned with a white sequence pillow and a fluffy white, long pillow.

The chargers and cords would be gold and my laptop alternating gold and white stripes.

My office chair would be a metallic gold while my desk, a crisp white.

Pictures hanging throughout the space that is simple and singular in design.

Everywhere gold and white intricate frames, some small and some big. No pics occupy the frames. Instead, beautiful papers that deserve to be framed.

I would have an adjacent desk that is black with gold drawer pulls and white front faced drawers. There would be something white and abstract that displays an art form on my desk.


No, I’ve never thought about what my office would look like 😂😂😂

Do You have a desk job? Is your desk a mess or nice and organized? If you have an office, share with me how it is decorated. I would love to hear about it!!

I started a post about yesterdays # put I didn’t finish it because… who the hell knows why but I didn’t. This post is being published a bit later than my normal but what the hell? It’s all good in tha hood.

Revenge of Eve


I will share with you my favorite brand of pen and that is Sigma Micron micro pigmented artists pens. These pricey archival ink pens are worth every cent. The words you string together will be forever when using them. Each time I write something I want to last, in terms of actual documenting, I use these to ensure the life of my words live on.

Do you have a favorite brand of pen or do you use a particular ink tip?

I hope today brought smiles and laughter in your lives and for tomorrow,

I’ll deal with that when it gets here.


9 Replies to “It’s World Stationery Day!”

  1. Meg says:

    That sounds beautiful!! It’s a lovely goal to work toward!

    My desk (which is here where I do my interneting) is kinda old and has seen better days. I want to build a new one that is rainbow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That would be so fun and inspirational!! Having bright colors would make for a great scene to work in. The desk I use in my studio is really a rectangular table but it works for the space I have. You could paint over the one you have with white spray paint and then do fluffy clouds with a nice rainbow. Thanks Meg for that visual. The thought of it made me smile.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dharkanein says:

    😃your idea of white and gold desk made me smile. Wish you realise yoir dream sooner than you plan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. amydwestphal says:

    Sounds perfect. I’ve never worked at a desk either. I imagine it would have a lot of snacks tho. Lol.


  4. dharkanein says:

    I too dream like you but for a Study. Which no matter what iys built of but should have mahogany infrastructure inside from book shelves to table to door, window pannels, chair, lounge and anything that can be incorporated. With a carpet to compli,ent the color tone of furniture.


  5. ashleyleia says:

    I use InkJoy ballpoint pens in various colours. They sit in a pretty mug on one of my bedside tables that’s also home to my journals.
    I have a cute old-fashioned writing desk, but I rarely use it. Usually I sit somewhere comfy with my laptop.

    Liked by 1 person

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