Everything will look so different in a year.

Hopefully, you break through your fears.

Its ok to shed tears.

The joy is worth the pain.

Your life you will regain.

You have pushed boundaries your entire life.

Now you learn to set them.

Express your journey creatively.

Then you learn to be free.



What the universe has taught me lately:

I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and one of her guest said that everyone has a spirit guide, everyone. Oprah asked how does one go about learning their spirit guide’s name and her guest said all you have to do is ask and listen. So I asked and almost immediately the name Jenni popped into my head. The next morning I said, “Ok, If I ask someone their name today and they say, Jenni, then that’s my guides name”.  I went about my day and when I spoke to a coworker I was telling her that I had asked and thought it was Jenni but that I had forgotten to ask anyone’s name and she said: “No you didn’t, you asked the new trainee her name, its Jennifer”. Ironic?? I think not.

My spirit guides name is Jenni.

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