An Update


I have entered a phase in my blogging career that I have not dealt with. Writing a post feels forced. It hasn’t come naturally in the last two weeks.

Since purchasing my domain I have been trying to develop, more or less, my writer’s voice. In relation to my most well-received posts, it is my personal posts that I receive the most responses. I attribute this to my loyal followers that share a genuine concern about my well being.

When I refer to developing my voice I am speaking in terms of not using the word I and also offering solutions to my reader’s problems. The only problem I am finding is my own. The one where I do not have a solution for others rather advice on what not to do.

This has brought me to a crossroad. 2019 is the year I discover who I am and I am finding blogging, in a form other than personal, is conflicting with my discovery. I find myself putting unnecessary pressure to present my material in a way that isn’t true to my style.

How ironic is that? While trying to love myself I continue trying to not be myself. It is showing up in different areas of my life. I read this great article that allowed me to see that while we may be focusing on one thing we may, in fact, be doing the opposite of that and become worse at it. Once I read this I completely related. To all of it.

I made it a point to not set any blogging goals for the year and as a way of distraction, I am trying to take on a new voice. That’s terrible and I am so glad I caught it when I did. Other things besides the rejection have shown up recently. I’m sure once those come full circle I will share.

I made it through a trying time of self-doubt and comparison and I have no doubt I will make it through this phase. I am happy to have been shown and more happy to have been open to receiving. I had no idea that all I asked for would just magically appear. The signs are there and it is up to me to pay attention. I will never improve if I do not seek the lesson in my pain.

Once again I do not know where to start but I will start by adding this to my list of things to work through with a counselor. I can easily be distracted by the problems of others but in 2019 I won’t be having it. All I want is to be a better person, whole and proud.

I have many great topics that I want to discuss but I am adding them to a list as well for a time when I can dedicate to doing them justice.

This weekend was a rough one with my daughter. She experienced her first full-on panic attack, at school. Immediately my protective nature kicked and I became offended because she didn’t contact me.

While I want to be there for her I am learning that unlike me, she has developed her coping skills. The sad truth is, she is more emotionally mature than I am. I am not ashamed of that. That’s life. Our life. We argued a little as teenage girls and their mother (who act like a teenager) do. I’m working on that too! One at a time! 😂

Something I am trying to do differently is to be easier on myself. I’ve shared that I internalize criticism and hold on to things said in an unhealthy manner. This leads to toxic self-talk which gets me nowhere. The idea that perfection exists is slowly but surely being smashed as I breeze through my days. Some days are better than others but for the most part, I have turned to laughter when I make a mistake. I laugh at myself and evaluate where I can make a change.

I find I need to set up a more organized system for this journey of self-discovery. My lists are in whichever notebook I can find at the moment. I will take today and use it to bring any list together and find them a home in one place. The year is only in its first month and I haven’t fallen behind on any task but getting a grip on any organizing will benefit me in the long run.

My main goal this week is to have a photo shoot with the products I have ready for sale. That was supposed to happen Saturday but due to a scheduling conflict, it didn’t happen. That about rounds it up. My life update in a pretty red bow. Do you have any go-to remedies when you feel as though you have nothing worthy of sharing? Do you laugh at your mistakes instead of beating yourself up? Am I doing anything right?

Let’s chat in the comments. I am taking any and all suggestions on how I can improve this self-discovery journey. Any books you would suggest that had life-changing effects, drop ’em in the comments.

21 Replies to “An Update”

  1. ashleyleia says:

    I think the problem with taking the “I” out of writing is that it immediately distances the readers from the writer. I’ve tried to do that with some writing outside of the blog, and it just doesn’t feel right. I think that a bog part of that is because what I like about writing is the ability to connect with people. And I think any time we’re listening more to our “shoulds” than our gut we’re heading for trouble.

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  2. Oh man, I’ve been at this for 3 years now, and I’m still not sure I have done anything worth sharing. But, I enjoy doing it. When it isn’t enjoyable anymore, it’ll be my time to stop. Do it for you, nothing else. If it’s feeling like work, it’s no longer fun. Life is enough work without creating more for yourself. 😊

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  3. Cyranny says:

    Sonofa is right, as always! Life is enough work as it is! It brings so much challenges along the way, that we don’t need to add to that… I think that your goal of not being to hard on yourself is a great one, though it must be difficult to really change that. If I may share a trick I learnt in therapy a long time ago… I had major troubles with anxiety back then, and I was told that unless physically threatened, nothing was really grave. So everytime I felt my level of stress rising for a reason or another, I was told to just say out loud that “it wasn’t grave”. It seemed silly at first, but I took the habit of doing it regardless, and after a while, I noticed that just hearing myself verbalizing that there was nothing really serious going on, helped me cope with the anxiety. I kept the habit, even after all the years gone by. Now I don’t say it out loud anymore (well, not always) but it still kind of makes me stop for a while and think “you know what? This could be a lot more serious…. I’ll make it!” I don’t say it works miracles, but it did make a huge difference for me 🙂

    Sorry for the way-too-long comment…. LOL

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  4. A lot of bloggers I follow like to schedule their posts. Some even write a bunch and then set them to post ahead.

    Me, I have a rough weekly schedule I follow. I have ideas of topics that I write a bit about and then, on ‘free’ days, I open one and see if I can expand on it.

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  5. I actually read most of the responses to this most recent post of yours. I truly agree with Ashley. If you leave “I” out of your post, you sway your readers away from not getting them to better learn about you.
    In other words… You are definitely going through some personal changes from within. You’re trying to find your voice. You’re trying to love yourself. That in it of itself a topic. The “I” is standard for the journey you are currently on.
    Don’t put to much pressure on yourself because all that’s going to take place with that is discouragement.
    Just be your lovely, perky self. You have a message within that pretty head of yours!

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  6. Joshua Shea says:

    I’ve struggled with the “today is the day I’m supposed to blog” feeling. I had it through most of late 2018. Finally, in December, I told myself I’d only post when I felt like I had something to say. Instead of flooding people’s feeds with 15 posts for the month, I only put out 6, but the way I look at it is that instead of putting out 15 posts with only 6 goods ones and 9 as space fillers, in December I put out 6 good ones with 0 space fillers. It saves me time that way. I think that my blog was becoming too much about my stats. I looked at views as validation. My views for January are down like 3-to-1 over last summer, but I’m much more pleased with the quality of entries now, and I’m not wasting my time writing because I’m supposed to. The reality is, nobody is looking at the calendar and says, “Hey, it’s Tuesday! Time to go find out what Josh has to say.” To believe people operate that way is just ego.

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    • That makes sense. I passed the stats phase long ago. I think the whole thing is about consistency not that people go in search of your posts on particular days, but that’s speaking in terms of email lists etc. That’s good you have found your rhythm. I’m hoping mine will come naturally once I get all settled in with myself.


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